New Zealand is the world's largest exporter of dairy products, and its supply will plummet and hit its economy for which agriculture plays an important role... and not just its own economy.
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We believe that we vote servants of the homeland, but too many times what we choose, do we choose? They are executioners.

From the outside, a flourishing business can be seen as something based solely on the lucrative, which is carried out with technical automatism: money, infrastructure, training, owners, employers, tasks, employees.

Rarely do we stop to think that behind a company there are people who dedicate their existence to build and develop with soul, heart and life that economic activity, which also defines them.

No doubt there are activities that are more emotional than others, but especially those that involve our families, and our way of life as a whole.

Such is the case of a farmer, who does not close his office at 6 and goes home to do something else, a farmer lives in his working environment, a farmer is a farmer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and in addition, his family is also.

This war is not spontaneous. No one got up in the field one day, knowing him and having lived it, and seeing how everything worked he said: “dairy farms are everything that is wrong, look at what we are doing to the planet”. Someone from his desk in the city devised a plan to divide us, and reign And you know what? We are already his subjects.

The apocalyptic stories of animal horror and the world imploding into an environmental collapse caused by those same animals are not a scientific forecast, they are a spectacular and successful marketing strategy:

How about learning that by drinking that glass of milk that I urge you to drink every day, you are contributing to the ruin of everything known?


  • But consuming dairy does good!


Neither! Your body is not prepared to tolerate them! Don’t you realize that we are all allergic and sick!


  • That’s not true!


And it’s not true, but no one hears that voice anymore. Because the rest panicked, and also the artists say it, and the prodigy girls, the hundreds of plant based products invading the shelves in the supermarkets say it, the companies that are going to save us by manufacturing fake milk, fake meat say it.


  • But how foolish we are!


And it’s not true either. The discourse established in how bad livestock production and the consumption of legitimate dairy products are, for health, for sustainability, for the environment, for animal welfare, is designed to persuade you. We all want to be good, or at least look like it, how to let that train pass.

Well, the gift of the scammer, economically and emotionally, is to get into his bag, of your own free will, convinced and happy to do so. We are not fools. We are noble.


Look beyond to understand where we are going:

When the alarming reality is not our own, we tend to think that we are far from reaching us. But eventually, all roads lead to Rome.

I often assume that the market saves us, not the state… and I live in Latin America. But when the market acts in collusion with the state… who will be able to rescue us?

If large corporations bank activism, and activism seduces your will, and your will moves the political rod and is legislated in favor of large corporations, what we need is not a superhero to rescue us, what we need is to be awake, to know how to think, and not to be ourselves the instrument of our own degradation.


New Zealand

“Behind all anti-agricultural policy, in addition to trying to justify it with some aspect of the common good, always comes the discourse that the State will always be there to give you a hand” Ezequiel Tambornini

Under the proposed plan, by 2025, farmers who reach a certain herd size and fertilizer use will have to pay a tax that the government will set, with advice from the Climate Change Commission and farmers, according to a report in The Guardian.

The move would reduce GHG emissions while making its products more sustainable by improving New Zealand’s “export brand.”

The full collection of the tax would fund research, new technologies and subsidies to farmers who adopt techniques that agree with the ideas of those who impose this nonsense.

New Zealand will start taxing agricultural emissions by 2025, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hopes those affected will be proud to be pioneers in the world.

Farmers will pay a regulated price for their methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions and will not be able to use carbon sequestration from vegetation on the farm to offset them.

The New Zealand government hopes farmers will jump on one leg because they will be the world’s leaders in reducing emissions, providing a competitive advantage and improving their export brand. It makes you want to cry.

New Zealand is the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, and its supply will plummet and hit its economy for which agriculture plays an important role… and not just its own economy:

“At the international level, a cut in the supply of agro-industrial products is not free, because, in the medium term, it tends to increase food prices, especially in periods of climate disasters, which helps promote instability in highly populated nations dependent on the import of nutrients” Ezequiel Tambornini

Jacinda Ardern said the move will allow the South Pacific nation to meet its goal of reducing methane emissions to 10% below 2017 levels by 2030. What will happen to the economies and lives of dairy farmers does not seem to be of much importance. They will have to look for something else to live on, that’s for sure.

We believe that we vote servants of the homeland, but too many times what we choose, do we choose? They are executioners.

Farmers are upset that the government doesn’t listen to them and many will have to abandon their farms as their costs become unsustainable.

This, which is a disgrace for New Zealand, undoubtedly represents a commercial opportunity for us who still have room for intensification, but regardless of whether our rulers (or our executioners) allow it, we must be vigilant because hitting the milkman is the trend.


Valeria Guzman Hamann


Assam Governor Gulab Chand Kataria on Friday asked the government to help set up more cooperative societies in order to strengthen the dairy sector in the state.

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