Today we bring you topics related to Ice cream with edible gold, champagne-bleached fries and other extravagances of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in the world.
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Source: Pixabay

Most of us are fans of dairy products, fans of adding cheese to any food we make, fans of milk, chocolate, etc. We can afford that luxury because it is available to us financially. But, if I told you that there are gourmet dishes that not only contain these sacred foods, but also contain gold inlays, would you buy them?

That’s right, there are very expensive gourmet dishes, because in addition to being exclusive to a restaurant, they also contain all kinds of precious stones and gold inlays. There are dishes that cost almost 3 million euros!

Now eDairy Market is going to introduce you to the most expensive gourmet dishes in the world, get ready because you are going to be amazed:


Cream cheese and white truffle bagel (Westin Hotel New York)

Bagel de queso crema y trufa blanca (Hotel Westin de Nueva York)

This dish is prepared by Chef Frank Tujague and can perhaps be differentiated from any other bagel because of the white truffle, a rather expensive ingredient.  It also has cream cheese and goji berry jam, as well as Riesling white grape variety (Germany). Its price is about 747 €.

Pizza Royale 007


Something as “urban” as a pizza can also become an expensive dish if we consider specialties such as this one, prepared by Scottish Chef Domenico Crolla and costing almost 3,000 euros.

Despite the price, we have to say that this pizza was made for charity and has 24 carat gold sprinkles, caviar, champagne, venison medallions, lobster, smoked salmon marinated in cognac and of course, mozzarella.

French fries at Serendipity3

The pricey, nearly €200 fries have been bleached with Dom Pérignon champagne and topped with truffle salt, truffle oil, truffled cheeses and shaved black truffles. The restaurant is not alone in its quest for culinary extravagance.

Arnaud Strawberries


Among the 10 most expensive dishes in the world, we can also find desserts such as strawberries Arnaud and although it seems simple, it can cost almost 3 million euros!

Its price is so high not so much because of the strawberries, but because they have a 7.09 carat pink diamond that decorates the dish. In addition, they are garnished with a port marinade, red wine, spices, citrus and vanilla ice cream.

Frozen Haute chocolate (Serendipity3)

Frrozen Haute Chocolate Serendipity3

If you are one of those who like chocolate, like me, we can enjoy a lot of this Frrozen Haute Chocolate that we found in New York, but has an unattainable price for many, as it can cost you 18,000 €.

It is created by Stephen Bruce, owner of the restaurant Serendipity3 and also has the collaboration of the jewelry Euphoria New York and that provided that its cone is encrusted with precious stones. The ice cream scoop is made from 28 different kinds of cocoa from 14 countries.

Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix Bloomsbury’s Boutique de Dubái

For some time now, many bakeries and individuals have been making cupcakes. In the midst of the boom of these delicious cupcakes, we find one as expensive as the Golden Phoenix, which is made at Bloomsbury’s Boutique bakery in Dubai.

It is made with Italian chocolate, edible 24-karat gold leaf, organic strawberries and edible gold dust. It is priced at around €750.


Would you try any of these expensive dishes? 


Sabor Gourmet

La Nación


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