COVID-19 isn't expected to have a big impact on Canada's milk supply.
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David Wiens is chair of Dairy Farmers of Manitoba.

“My understanding is that all the processors in our province continue to operate and that they’re continuing with the same output as they had before,” he said.

Wiens says dairy farms should be operating as normal.

“As long as there’s no disruptions on the farm, for example, so far we have been able to have a supply of the cleaning agents that we use for milking equipment,” he commented. “Feed supply continues to come in uninterrupted. Our milk pick-ups, the transportation system, is currently working very well. All the milk is still being tested everyday for quality and components.”

Wiens adds having a business continuity plan is vital in these types of situations.

With the rising cost of production, Goa Dairy has no choice but to hike the price of milk and cattle feed, said its
Chairman Rajesh Faldesai on Tuesday. The decision will be finalised at the upcoming Board meeting, said Faldesai, adding that some benefit of

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