The vice-president of the ANPL noted that the dairy has been dragging a crisis since 2015, and that the sector's debt is almost 10 times larger than in 2002.
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The vice-president of the National Association of Milk Producers (ANPL), Eduardo Viera, commented on Thursday in an interview with Agronegocios Sarandí that the debt situation in the sector remains a very heavy backpack, considering that today, in general terms, about US$260 million is due after five years of crisis.

It recalled that the previous situation of difficulty for dairy and the country was 2002, and at that time the debt of the sector was US$ 30 million.

Viera also referred to low milk production, which occurred for reasons related to the lack of rainfall in much of the Uruguayan dairy basin.

In December there was a drop of almost 6% compared to December 2018, and it was also occurring in the first days of January. Surely, last Wednesday’s rain will improve the situation of the meadows and the availability of food for animals, which had been expensive for companies, since it had to be invested in concentrates in the face of lack of grass.

The vice-president of the ANPL commented on what the profile of the next president of the National Milk Institute (INALE) should look like. The trade union believes that it would have to be someone with a background, a producer, who pays attention to small and medium-sized dairy farmers, who are 80% of the sector.

The remaining dairy trade unions boosted Alvaro Lapido, not the ANPL, which had other candidates, but they still understand that Lapido also meets that profile they claim for office.

The ANPL was convened by the future Minister of Livestock, Carlos María Uriarte for a meeting to be held in conjunction with other agro unions with national representation, which will take place on February 3.

Viera noted that the invitation did not advance the issues to be addressed, but considered that there would be a number of problems of common interest to talk in this instance prior to the assumption of the new government.

Dharwad Milk Union has increased the price of cow and buffalo milk by one rupee per litre. The new prices came into force on Saturday.

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