One of WFA’s objectives is to unite and empower the industry. As such, we created WFA Community, a platform for the food and ag industry to come together to network and learn throughout the year, even for those who can’t attend the physical summit held in December. But this mission needs to be taken further, so WFA Community can become as accessible as possible by allowing even more people to benefit from it.
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To support everyone in the food and ag industry, we are thrilled to introduce our buy one gift one initiative. Even though the price of the membership has been kept to a minimum, it may still be out of reach for some. Whether you are a student, a young start-up, or a farmer, we understand barriers such as geography, or simply lack of funds, mean a lot of people can’t join us at this time. But the community benefits hugely from hearing different perspectives and networking with a wide range of people.

Therefore, anyone who wants to be considered for a gifted place is welcomed to fill out this form. If you buy a ticket for WFA Community or the WFA Summit, you can then offer a membership to someone who applied for a gifted ticket through the scheme. If you would like to gift a ticket, let us know once you have registered.

This initiative will make the WFA Community stronger, by making this platform a true diverse hub for you and your peers. Everyone’s input is essential if we want our industry to grow sustainably and fairly. As a member, you will gain access to all sessions, content, training and networking available on WFA Community. We have an exciting line up of events – check out the calendar below:

Full Calendar of Events

The Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd has fixed a procurement target of 6.93 lakh litres of milk per day to the Tiruchi District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union, popularly known as Tiruchi Aavin.

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